Thursday, November 11, 2004

Tivoli Performance Viewer jumpstart hack

TPV turns out to be a usable tool for PD and performance monitoring. At once I used it to find if a suspicious EJB method has been called. That really helped our dreadful deadlock hunting in WCS.

If you happen to have a WAS 5.x installed but without TPV installed, you can just copy from someone else's WAS with TPV by doing the following:

1. copy tperfviewer.bat/.sh to the $WAS_HOME/bin
2. copy perf*.jar, pmi*.jar, chart.jar (KL group's chart widget) to $WAS_HOME/lib.

I call it jumpstart since it 's like copy some files from the working one to the non-working one.

Now you are ready to fire it up like "tperfviewer ", soap port is 8879 for WAS ND by default.

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