Tuesday, November 23, 2004

career move?

I am thinking about what kinda of company should be right for me and make me happier at work.

For a long time (a little over 10 years) I have mostly worked with small or large organization such as start-up, banks, insurance company, big I.T firm. Sometimes I have to cut my resume shorter since the fast changing jobs during dot com boom. From 1994-2001, almost all the projects are brand new, i had chances to practice my design skills, it is fun, cool and rewarding. After 2001, things have changed, every job I took is like fire fighting, trouble shooting, I am more and more towards into all-in-one firefighter. I feel tired and bored, like to rant more than ever. I am checking out Google labs now, other places who uses Python/C as their major programming language. It seems most talented and smarter people like to work for Amazon, Google and Yahoo type. That might make them happier than working with company drones and million dollar going-down-the-toilet projects.

Based on my experience, i have two ways out of this dilemma. One is to find a travelling consulting job and keep doing what I am doing, but keep the firefighting short and brief, earn better bucks, take another 3 months off to somewhere exotic and fun and collect myself for brain damage for the previous 9 months. The other would be totally forgot what I've become, find a cool company like Google and start a new career working with smart ppl.

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cedia said...

Whatever you decide to do, know that you will succeed and you will. Good Luck!