Tuesday, November 23, 2004

an interesting observation

After reading an interview for HPING creator , I 've learned quite a few networking tools are created by Italitan devleopers such as the one used in Matrix Reloaded(NMAP). It also reminds me of how Python and Linux get created in Europe. o well Perl and GNU comes from America, however I think Python and Linux are more important nowadays. What drives inventions by individual in computer technology?

Most of technological advances happened in America seem to come from well funded organization's team work. For instance, Bell labs invented UNIX, Berkeley for BSD, Xerox Parc for GUI and Ethernet, MIT for X window, with one exception of Larry Wall'sPerl. With my personal experience as working in both in US and Canada for years, my humble guess is most developers here like to get paid for their work. Getting paid is a good thing, however the idea of it also hinders the great invention by individual, so most of inventions in I.T are done by large team instead of talented individaul. Why do we like to get paid for the software we wrote? I think it's due to higher pressure level living in America.

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