Tuesday, November 30, 2004

hackable software is about control over code

Then hackers like UNIX while the rest loves Windows. However Windows is morphing itself into a UNIX kernel with its window system. Why? It is because it is statically hackable in UNIX thru shell script, pipe etc. That give them more control.

Open source software and UNIX have a common characteristic: hackable. For UNIX, it appears hard to hack for a starter. Windows seems go the other way. But once you master C, a few shell script language then everythings seems downhill from there.

And the hackers like open source just because it is hackable. The more hackable the software is, the more control hackers over it. The software (actually requirements from human) is a live form that keeps changing dynamically, to maintain sth. like that you need it be hackable, either staticlly hackable or dynamically.

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