Wednesday, June 30, 2004

IBM directory server 5.1

Finally got it loaded with sample LDIF and working on my W2K. In addtion, a JNDI client for simple bind, searching with Jython and ldapsearch is also working.

LDAP protocol is very popular these days. lots of large size projects are using it for user authentication and infos.
In my project, for the performance reason we use it for authentication and all the rest is done via a Web Service SOAP over HTTPS API.

I 've measured performance on LDAP over SSL. There are two types of LDAP connections: 1 persistent connection (looking for uid), the other is LDAP bind for user authentication. Reusing the first lookup connection is a good idea.

cherry picking

I will go cherry picking on July 1. Hope it will be fun cuz it is my 1st time doing it:-).

The web site is

July 1, 2004

I drove 1 hr and half to get there (very close to the Niagra Falls),
It was fun. However it took me 3 hrs to get back due to accident on QEW and regular & constant delay at 401 (constrution going on around airport). Politicans just don't care about the communters's pain. I figured they all fly by jets paid by tax dollars any way. Sigh.

Monday, June 28, 2004

Turn off WAS security with vi

for ND,
WAS Security setting is in:

we can turn off WAS by editing this security in case of admin console is not available.

DB2 Stinger going autonomic

This is an interesting read and "autonomic" reminds me of Tivoli for DB2. I am not sure if they overlap each other in terms of functions. However screenshots in Paul's article looks like those in DB2V8.1 which I don't have positive experience with it on a decent desktop.

This might be a niche market for DB2 PD tools.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Sat Beach Volleyball

I had a good time at Woodbine beach this Sat. This is my 3rd week this year to play beach volleyball. I am getting better and better. It is lotz fun.

Watched the "Troy" movie and it got a good fighting scene though I don't like whoever played the Helen. The actress doesn't look royal but a high school gal, maybe a more hooker like if we dress her properly:-).

Today I am working. I am thinking of vacation and travelling in China for fun once my contract ends.

home networking

Last Friday I spent 2 hours to set up my slackware 9.0 dual booting with Windows 2000, and set up a dynamic DNS account with NetGear router RP114. I love RP114's cmd line interface and it is much stable and faster than its IE interface. o well I had this router for so long and too lazy to set it up for port forwarding. Finally it works.

Now I can telnet/ftp to home at work. Isn't this just great?

Maybe I can start a sideline biz doing PC/linux support for some cash money since I am not working on Friday due to budget cut.

DB2 CLP vs. Oracle vs WAS

My guts feeling likes to keep simple things simple, but not simpler. That is why I like DB2 CLP. In Oracle 8i (dunno about it now), you have to admin things in SQL and you need to know the system catalog pretty well.

IMHO, Oracle has never been UNIX friendly. Its start/stop is based on SQLPlus, unlike most of UNIX daemon.

yes I like DB2 CLP in this matter.

Comparing to WAS admin (wsadmin), it has the folowing advantages:
1. Easier to write in UNIX shells, even in windows batch.
Therefore, if we design wsadmin this way, that means we need to define the command language like DB2 CLP, instead of use TCL semantics directly, we will only use TCL as implementation for the language. This will make this language easy to use like CLP, and easy to write in shells.

Microsoft optical Intellimouse

One of my friend suggested me to use Microsoft optical Intellimouse since I told him I've had pain in my right shoulder with the cheap mouse we had at work.

I will buy one today after work and hopefully it works a lot better than cheap ones. I will bring it in on Monday. Tomorrow is a day off and I will play some tennis.

Tivoli Monitoring for Transcation Peformance

I've seen a demo today for this. Not very impressed. But I know Tivoli is the way to go in the long run. Business drives the needs.

C vs. Java for Enterprise software

As current stage of hardware and OS performance, C is still the best choice for developing performance intensive applications like DB2 and MQ.

WAS has a much smaller set of functions to implment than MQ and DB2. Java is acceptable for middle tier server doing translations btw browser and backend.

IBM websphere bundle strategy

I've realized this today.
With WAS, IBM is able to attract customers to buy WSAD,DB2, Tivoli. Therefore WAS is the soul of the IBM software. For instace, IBM sells WCS bundle ( WAS, DB2, WCS itself) to its customers