Sunday, December 05, 2004

indoor volleyball and basketball

Ever since the beach volleyball is over, I have been playing indoor volleyball and basketball every Sat afternoon. It has been fun and will end this season next week. I will be on vacation/time off soon:-).They approved my time off and I could spend my chinese new year in china with my parents this time. fell pretty cool and excited. I plan do some travelling.

last night went out for dinner (YunNan style). Then we played poker and "killer" game at a friend's place. He finished his contract and go back to Beijing next week.. should be loads of fun over there. I will probably see him in over a month over there. o well it's wierd last night that a few us has been playing "killer" on and on, me 4 times, then playing "cop" 2 times.. some ppl never did.. odd as it is. had to take 5-6 shots of hard liquor. going down my throat and burned right to my stomach.. eventually feel sleepy and all went home.. haven't had this 65 % liquor for a while.. it is good and I sleep till 10:00 and no need to go work or give a ride or sth...good feeling.


cedia said...

So how did you end up in Canada w/out your parents? Work? School?

Dodge This said...

yup without parents:-). I went to Georgia Tech (located at the hometown of gone with the wind) to get some geeky degree MSCS. Then i worked a little while & then somehow realized my life needs some change. That's how I end up finding a job in Toronto and moved up north to enjoy snows:-). i've met a totally different crowd over here, lotz of changes to myself over years.

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