Monday, September 27, 2004

four challenges for me

I had a thought on the continous learning efforts in this career.

1. learning from Technology.

It requires me to master at least 7 major languages (C, Perl, Python, Java/C++,Lisp,SQL, ksh) and other mini languages like HTML, Sed,AWK,PHP, ASP, VB, JavaScript etc. Without them, you can't see the whole picture and will never able to design an useful language by yourself.

In addition, a solid hands on experience with different OS, networking protocols, and those well-written books from Richard Steven.

Right now, I am pretty much at half way of being the master. I am pretty fast learning but need time to focus on details. It is no easy task. Sometimes I feel like a ShaoLin monk having to spend all his life to become a master in one of their (1/72?) fighting techniques.

2. learning from Product

It requires me to learn all popular products on enterprise levle such as WebSphere, WebLogic, DB2, MQ etc.. as well as Open Source level such as Apache, Tomcat, Struts, Velocity,Maven etc.

If you get deeper into this, you will see why they design it that way, practical or not. It is this part of design reverse engineering that makes it interesting besides looks good on resume. Sometimes, it is popping up in my mind I saw this happened somewhere, maybe I can reapply it over there. The product innner knowledge does get you smarter since it is the product of other smart people if it is proven to be popular:-).

3. from Business domain
Basic understanding of eCommerce, finance etc is necessity

4. from People
How to deal with different people at work. People are different.

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Vishnu said...

Hey Victor

Yep,studying langs is in my agenda too.Phython seems to be hot these days and i guess its for the specific reason that its damn good.Lets c what happens!