Thursday, June 24, 2004

DB2 CLP vs. Oracle vs WAS

My guts feeling likes to keep simple things simple, but not simpler. That is why I like DB2 CLP. In Oracle 8i (dunno about it now), you have to admin things in SQL and you need to know the system catalog pretty well.

IMHO, Oracle has never been UNIX friendly. Its start/stop is based on SQLPlus, unlike most of UNIX daemon.

yes I like DB2 CLP in this matter.

Comparing to WAS admin (wsadmin), it has the folowing advantages:
1. Easier to write in UNIX shells, even in windows batch.
Therefore, if we design wsadmin this way, that means we need to define the command language like DB2 CLP, instead of use TCL semantics directly, we will only use TCL as implementation for the language. This will make this language easy to use like CLP, and easy to write in shells.

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